UPDATE---some new information released  see below









No details have been released by Benton County investigators, but they're working on an incident from early Tuesday morning.

They did not say what exact time it was reported but it said to be mid-morning. A  postal worker making deliveries on Bateman Road found a dead body. Deputies did not say if the person was on or near the road, but they were spotted by the worker.

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Deputies have not said if the person is male or female, The identity of the person, as of this afternoon, has not yet been determined according to officials nor do they have a cause of death established yet.

Officials don't believe the person has been there very long,  the location is said to be not far from Highway 397 and Interstate I-82. According to the Tri-City Herald, the incident is considered "suspicious."

--update-- Officials have now said the victim is a male, and identity confirmed via fingerprints, but not releasing ID yet due to notification of family.  Death remains suspicious, says Law Enforcement. 

More information is expected to be released soon.

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