Sunday...rain...Monday more rain but they got the track dried! But the beer, burgers and everything were now qualifying as leftovers. A 4:02 pm PST Start time turned into a marathon TV night for all of our die hard race fans.

Yes we know that Matt Kenseth won the race...Oh wait you just found out. Yeah I was already in bed too. There were some spectacular crashes including a big bunch of cars out on lap 2! Probably the crash that was literally etched into everyones mind was Juan Pablo Montoya crashing into the jet dryer. Don't see that every day. Then Ricky Stenhouse takes out the other half of the Daytona 500 field late in the race after we all went to bed.

So here is your chance to vote on your favorite crash and have some fun! Lets hope that the Sprint Cup series is a little cleaner for the rest of the year.

Watch the videos and take the poll!