In this crazy world of dating we find ourselves in odd situations. Pay attention to small details. Here are some unique tips.

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    Married Or In A Relationship?

    Let's face it, It's The same thing! How would you like it if someone else came sniffing around your spouse or girlfriend? Lead by example and stay clear. Have respect for yourself and other relationships. If someone is flirting with you while you're in a relationship... run; run very fast! It's called "cheating."

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    Pay Attention to Slang Words

    I once dated a woman that a wore a nice diamond ring, I asked if it was a family heirloom? She said it was "Leftovers"... ((crickets chirping)). Another said she wanted to "cut some" ((crickets chirping)). Or my favorite: "I'm ate up" ((crickets chirping AGAIN!)). I'm 46 yrs old, I don't want to guess what you are talking about. If you know the meaning of any of these terms chances are you've been around the block a few to many times; it's called "skanky." I think we all know what that means.

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    Weekend Getaways In The Early Stages (Don't Do It)

    Although a “relaxing weekend away” may sound awfully appealing on the surface, you have to realize what it entails. Understand that an excursion is riddled with disasters and complications. But regardless of when the suggestion comes, you really need to avoid it all costs. There’s no way out of the fact that upon your return someone will attempt to move the relationship peg up a notch. This is unavoidable, but you could have opted not to go. Why not save the vacations for your spouse--that's right, I said it! Marry her then take her to the beach! Call me old fashion.

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    Pay Attention To Texts

    Long, drawn-out text sessions suggest it's probably not a good thing. Try this: next time you get a text and she gives you "the look" slide the phone over to her and tell her to please look (I have nothing to hide). If she does not reciprocate, chances are they are hiding something. Oh yeah, and do we need to have a chat about those pix?

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    The Player

    A player prides themselves on adapting to situations and will do anything to come out smelling like a rose. Pay attention to where they put the blame. Players are always victims and misunderstood. Let's face it, nobody is perfect; admit to your wrong doings. I love it when somebody admits to being imperfect. Male or Female, we all have a li'l player in us. Find out whether that person has outgrown it or learned from their player mistakes.