Kennewick police have found the suspect who triggered a brush fire near Canal and Quincy Streets Tuesday. But it turns out, that's probably the least of his worries. According to news reports, he 'should' still be in jail for death threats against cops.

According to news sources, Devonn Kinsey, 31, was not only found to be driving drunk, we're wondering why he's on the streets in the first place.

Kinsey, a known gang member, was sentenced in April, 2014, to a maximum term of 60 months in prison for death threats against police, according to

Kensey, who's no stranger to law enforcement, made threats to officers in Pasco in December 2012, by simulating the sound of gunshots when he saw officers on the street. He also told a policeman to look up his criminal records, as he was 'not someone to mess with.' This, plus other evidence, led to his conviction in Franklin County Superior court.

Kensey was nailed about an hour after he struck the curb near Canal and Quincy with his car, the sparks triggering the fire. Police got another report of a drunken motorist who hit a curb, and officers were able to get a description of the vehicle, find it, and arrest him. He's facing DUI charges.

We're curious to find out why he was out in the first place.


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