Growing up I can remember a toy gun being a stick or a tree branch, and the big dirt pile out back was hours of entertainment. My sisters had Barbie Dolls and other baby dolls, some were very scary looking. My oldest sister Deena had a plastic doll that my Uncle Lyle cut off one of the legs with a hand saw, apparently the leg was infected and couldn't be saved. Same doll a few years down the road, I stabbed it with a screwdriver and put fake blood on it and hung it from the garage one halloween. Not real popular with the sisters. Side note, best fake blood is honey with red food coloring. I was browsing when I came across these creepy toys, and mostly the dolls grossed me out. If I ever got some of these toys on this website I would have really turned out twisted, hard to believe huh. Check these out and let me know what you think.