A lot of couples expecting a baby dodge the question about whether they want a boy or a girl.  They say they don't care WHAT sex it is . . . as long as it's healthy. That's what my wife and I said and we meant it. 

Well, according to a new survey . . .almost HALF of all young couples . . . 47% . . . say they want their first child to be a BOY.

 21% say they want a girl, and the rest say they really don't care what sex it is.  37% of parents say they wouldn't mind if their second child was a girl . . . but 5% said they don't want a girl.


 The main reason couples give for wanting a son is because they think boys are, quote, "less hard work". The main reason couples wanted a girl is to be a role model for younger siblings.  Read more from (CBS 5 AZ).