The Pasco Eagles is having a fund raiser this Wednesday April 17th from 5pm till close for a family in need, to help cover building medical bills. A genetic pre-disposition has caused a second heart attack, this and other medical conditions have put a tremendous strain on them financially.

The fundraiser is for the wife of a retired veteran with 28 year’s serving our country, including the first desert storm and other tours of duty.

Country recording artist Jaime Buckley who is also a veteran, will be performing live from 6-9, during the fundraiser. Read Jamie's bio from the U.S. Department of Defense HERE.

Enjoy dinner, dancing, bake sales, auctions and raffles.

The Pasco Eagles is a 501 C8 non-profit that helps family’s in need.

ANY and ALL donations go directly to the family. And all donations are tax deductible.

Anything will help, please join the Pasco Eagles this Wednesday April 17th, and help us make a difference.

Check out Jamie Buckley below! Good stuff!

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