Energy Northwest says they're looking long and hard at a modular or mini reactor program, which could help provide clean energy for thousands of homes.

This week, they said they're considering more diverse sources of 'clean' energy and electricity for the future, after looking over a study that's been released. Energy + Environmental Economics (E3), a San Francisco-based consulting group, performed the study for Energy Northwest, and says the area needs more type of clean power.

In response Energy Northwest is going to examine what are called Modular Reactors, or mini-reactors, nuclear powerplants that, depending upon the model, provide half as much energy as the Columbia Generating Station at Hanford.

Because Gov. Inslee has declared he wants Washington state to be 'carbon free' by 2045, and the Columbia Generating Station's license expires in 2043, Energy Northwest is looking at these smaller units.

Some are contained enough that they can be transported on the back of a large flat bed semi truck. Granted, these are extra long stretch trailers, but you get the idea.

Many say this would provide a great alternative to natural energy sources which cannot be 'controlled' such as wind turbines.  Senator Sharon Brown (R) Richland, has been pushing for development of such technology, especially by area contractors. Development and use of these by area businesses and researchers would also provide to the growing economy.

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