Hmmmm...Waygu Beef. The magical beast we've all heard about, but never tasted. What is Waygu Beef? Why is it so special? There are Waygu raised in the U.S. , but it's apparently a cross breed with Angus. The main breed comes from Japan. You've heard that they are special because they constantly massage them before slaughter. Turns out that's a myth according to Wikipedia. People say it's a beef experience that you'll never forget. Spectacular fatty marbling and a flavor like no other cow in the world, they say. 12 lbs. of this gift from the heavens will run you $999.99, a deal that only Costco can deliver...huge savings! No, really. That's how expensive it is. Oh you must at least take a peek at the ad to see if you will click Add to Cart! Cick  HERE.

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