With temps in the Mid-Columbia reaching 105 today, you might find something like this very, very useful. I do have the neck cooler style that is made from imitation chamois material, and it works well. But this DIY neck cooler has me fascinated because it will hold moisture longer. And I love that she took the shortcut of no-sewing, but you can sew one if you'd like to make it more permanent. So stay cool while you give your garden plants a much-needed sprinkle with the hose in these crazy temps! (BTW, the good news is that we will be only in the upper 70s by the weekend).

But why do neck coolers work? You're actually cooling the brain stem on the back of your neck and that sends messages that control your body temp. Cooling that first helps the rest of your body cool down. Your wrists are also good cooling points, but have nothing to do with the brain. Putting ice or a cold pop can on your wrists cools you down because that's a good access point to blood vessels. Cool the blood...cool you!


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