Considering there is a Tupperware party in the world every 1.7 seconds, it's no small feat that Dixie Longate is the top salesperson for a second time since she started selling Tupperware ten years ago. Oh, did I say she, I meant he, Dixie is actually a drag queen, but a very successful sales person, racking up some $219,000 worth of plastic goodies. How does Dixie do it? Well she throws big production stage shows, and sells Tupperware at the same time. People who have gone to the shows say they are different every time, and very entertaining. A far cry from the Brownie Wise parties started in the 1940's. This could open up the door for other sales people, door to door vacuum cleaner salesmen doing magic tricks,"Hey, is that a quarter behind your ear?" Car salespersons doing balloon animals, insurance folks making animals out of your dish towels. How about a Scentsy party that includes coupon trading. Mix it up a little, thanks to Dixie there are no boundries.