There's a bill in Congress right now that would establish a minimum amount of legroom on airplanes.  The average used to be 35 inches.  Now it's less than 30 inches on a lot of flights, and could fall to 27 inches if nothing happens. Less legroom means the airlines can jam more rows in and make more money.

Without a set minimum, it's expected to fall even further to less than 27 inches of legroom.  So this bill would prevent that, and might even add legroom on some flights.

The current bill would also block airlines from bumping overbooked passengers from flights after they've already boarded . . . expand the availability of PreCheck security boarding . . . and require large airports to have private nursing rooms for new mothers.

The bill would also require the FAA to establish "reasonable" standards to make sure people can't pretend their pet is a service animal.

USA Today says Congress has a deadline of this Sunday to pass it.  Or they could pass a short-term extension bill, and deal with it later.

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