For 12 years I have made the trip to Lind Washington for the combine demolition derby, this year marks the 25th annual event,  and I can honestly say I have not regretted one minute of it. For one week end a year the town ads about 5 to 6 thousand new residents, all packed into the fairgrounds. My first years in Lind, there was a rodeo Saturday and Sunday, and the demo was on Friday, so when support for the rodeo went away it was a natural move to have the demo on Saturday. Over the years, the Lions club has added more bleachers and vendors to support the growing crowds, and more camping areas for the motor homes, campers and tents. I have met many people over the years at the demo derby, and can say I consider many of them my friends. Looking forward to this year, and hope to see you there on Friday June 8th, or Saturday June 9th. Click on Lind Washington above for all of the details.