If you live in the Tri-Cities and are looking for a new place to launch your kayak or paddleboard, you could check out the new beach at Columbia Point Marina.

The City of Richland has a new little beach area after parts of the riverfront started falling into the river.

The Parks and Recreation Department decided that creating a beach area was the perfect way to fix the area.

It was also a low-cost project as sand came from the City's landfill and the Parks and Rec Department provided the manpower to get things smoothed over.

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The City says the new beach area will be perfect for launching kayaks, canoes, and paddle-boards away from the boat launch marina. You can read more details about the new beach here.

Summer is around the corner and I remember the days of Vacation Bible School or going to the local Parks and Recreation and doing art projects.

I think I made some mean macaroni art back in the day. We've compiled a complete list to keep your kids active this summer.

It's our top 50 ways to keep your kids busy during the summer. We've got awesome activities from building forts to designing a board game. You'll also see fun things from making your own slime to creating your own cardboard toys. We've got a ton of activities for you to check out below.

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