Atlantic City, New Jersey has been known for decades as a getaway spot on the ocean. First with its boardwalk and attractions, later with the rise of casinos. Further down the coast is the sleepier Cape May. Both communities have more than their share of unsolved crimes.

What Is a Cold Case?

A police case becomes “Cold” when all probative investigative leads available to the primary investigators are exhausted and the case remains open and unsolved after a period of three years.

Cold Cases are reviewed to determine if newer technologies or forensic testing may produce any new potential leads.  Any potential lead discovered will be assigned to an investigator for a follow-up investigation.

Where Are These Cold Cases From?

I have limited the scope of this photo gallery to cold cases from Atlantic and Cape May counties over the period of the last fifty years. There are undoubtedly cold cases from these counties that aren't represented here and if you know of one and you would like me to give it fresh attention, please reach out to me.

Some of South Jersey's Most Famous Unsolved Murders

Unsolved murders from as recently as 2017 to as far back as 1970 in Atlantic and Cape May counties are represented with photos of the victims and some of the history of the cases. All of these murder cases grabbed headlines and our attention at the time but now they have largely become curiosities to the public and painful memories for living family members.

Decades Later, People Still Mourn Their Missing Family Members

As awful as it is to lose a loved one to murder, in many respects it's an even bigger burden to have a family member just disappear, never to be heard from again. These families never experience the closure of knowing what happened to their loved one, if they are alive or dead.

Decades later, if you search these missing peoples' names, you will still find websites and Facebook pages set up in the hope that someone who knows some information about them may still come forward.

Cold Cases: Unsolved Murders and Missing People in South Jersey

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