It was 1989 and I was working at my first radio station in small-town USA and I pulled down a brand-new 45 (it's a record for young folks) from Clint Black. I hadn't heard the song but once I played it, I was hooked.

The song was A Better Man. It was Clint Black's first song and it launched his career into the stratosphere.

It was an interesting time for country music which has been called the class of 89 because so many artists debuted that year that changed the face of country music.

Clint Black was the class of artists along with Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson, and Garth Brooks that all released their first hit singles.

If you are a big Clint Black fan and want to relive those nostalgic days, Clint is sitting down with Evan and Amber from Taste Of Country Nights and talking about the class of 89 and also he'll be playing three new songs live for you from his new album "Out Of Sane".

It's a Taste Of County Happy Hour and it happens today with 102.7 KORD and you can catch the live stream starting at 2:30 PM on Facebook Live on KORD.

I did get to meet Clint Black years later and tell him my story about how I pulled down Garth Brook's first single and said to myself "who's this Garth Brooks guy? We all know Clint Black is the sheezle"

He got a good chuckle out of that.

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