When I hear about shoplifters getting busted, I often wonder why they're not more clever.

You know there has to be a way to shoplift without getting caught or people wouldn't keep doing it, right?  It sounds like I have a criminal mind. I promise you I don't! But don't you wonder why shoplifters don't do things smarter? Well, this one lady actually did something I've wondered about. Wondered if it would work anyway. She allegedly went into the Kennewick Walmart with some old Walmart bags stuffed in her purse. Then she began filling those bags with products she had not paid for and tried to walk out the front door. Yep, she got busted. Here's another thing I've often wondered about. How many people are in a secret room watching me shop anyway? I don't really care, because I am not a criminal I promise! Lol Sometimes I feel like I'm being watched and wonder if the theft-prevention folks get bored with me because I provided them with no excitement for the day. And since they probably can't catch 100% of all shoplifters, what is it that the successful ones are doing? I would think if you got away with it once, that would be your downfall because you got confident. Confidence can lead to mistakes, at least in the criminal world. I would probably be the worst shoplifter in the world...all nervous and sweating...looking over my shoulder like a guilty person!

21-07777 Burglary Second Degree

On 03/02/21 at about 1015 PM, officers were called to a theft at Wal-Mart 2720 S...

Posted by Kennewick Police Department on Wednesday, March 3, 2021



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