One of Richland's abandoned hotels will soon be a thing of the past as the City of Richland has big plans for the old dilapidated inn. 

City of Richland
City of Richland

What's Going To Happen To The Old Economy Inn In Richland?

Economy Inn on George Washington Way sits in a prime location and has been falling apart over the years.

Kim Steele

Is The City Of Richland Going To Purchase The Old Economy Inn?

The property will soon get a new lease on life as the City of Richland will soon be finalizing plans on March 1st to purchase the property.

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What Changes Can We Expect On George Washington Way In Richland?

The City of Richland will meet on Tuesday, March 1st, and ratify a resolve to purchase the Economy Inn located at 515 George Washington Way.

It's a prime location for the City of Richland to purchase and one goal for the city will be to clean up the area.

Sarah Clark, Townsquare Media
Sarah Clark, Townsquare Media

A detailed press released by the City of Richland describes what the city envisions for the property:

Anticipating the Council’s approval, the City plans to remediate the aging building, add landscaping, and consider the site for future municipal needs.

One option being considered is the relocation of Fire Station 71 to this property.

While it would be at least five years before this would come to fruition, it provides a viable option to relocate and replace the aging station currently located at Swift Blvd. and George Washington Way.

It would also provide economic development opportunities for the old fire station site.

What's Going In The Place Of The Old Economy Inn In Richland?

The Economy Inn was built in 1962 and closed recently. The owners cited rising crime around the property as one of the reasons to close the Inn.


City Officials felt the closure offered up a perfect opportunity for the City of Richland to rejuvenate the property and eliminate an eyesore in the process.

“When the opportunity presented itself for us to consider this property for purchase, I was excited to bring it to Council’s attention,” states City Manager, Jon Amundson. “This purchase will not only allow us to reduce blight in the City’s core but present economic development opportunities as well."

I'm excited to see what the City has planned and having a new fire station in that location will really clean up the corner and help with the crime in the area.

It's a heavily traveled corridor and the addition of new buildings is going to make the area look great and will make for a sense of pride for the town.

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