For all of you internet types who are bored, please go read a book, or dare I say, watch some TV .

The next big thing is called breading. It involves taking your cat and a slice of bread, making a hole in the middle, and slipping it over your cat's head.Brilliant, no really, earth-shattering Einstein. Then you take a picture of it, and post it so everyone can see what a dork you really are.

All it takes is at least two drunk people, a booze induced idea, a camera, and a computer so you can share your genius with the world.

I would love to come up with the next big Internet craze, but I don't have that much time to waste, and I don't think I can get that drunk. What next?

Cooter and his best girl Ginger, got all stupid on some home-made moonshine and mushrooms one night. So they thought it would be funny to cover a porcupine with bologna, and then make a video of it. They called it balognapine. Woo doggies, I laughed so hard I left a little somthing in my Fruit Of The Looms, if ya know what I mean.

I thought planking was stupid; wow, what next? I'm going to start the 'think-and-don't-drink' online craze -- this is where you can only use computers for research and important stuff; no bread-covered cats. And they call me crazy!

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