This weekend we were made into a life-size cardboard cutout. So consider us your own personal life-size Barbie doll. We asked you on Facebook what YOU would do with it and here's what you said:

Shara Casey Gibbs Greer:

  • Put them out as part of my Halloween decorations.
  • Put them out in the garden and use them as scarecrows.

Christina Hammitt Phipps:

  • Put them in the tack room to scare off the rodents.

Natalie Cooper-Travis:

  • Target practice

Lori Jo Cross:

  • Hang them on the ceiling of my bedroom so I would see them the first thing in the morning!!!



Our silly interns found the cutout & have since scared us by putting it in offices, studios & the bathrooms(Oh My!) They've stolen it now & are taking pictures with it around town. Stay tuned to see what kind of  mischief they get into.


Want a cutout of yourself made? Visit the Big Print Shop's website & give them a call. They made ours perfectly.