A father visiting his son in Northern California earlier this week got so angry the chap was singing karaoke he shot him where he stood. The son did live to sing another day and Rambo Pop is in jail. I must note, the son was singing country music.

Here are my five songs that should never be sung at a karaoke bar plus the punishments I will inflict if I ever hear them.

5) Achy Breaky Heart- Billy Ray Cyrus.

Penalty for singing: A punch to the throat

4) Loving You- Minnie Ripperton.

Penalty for singing: Broken kneecap

3) Don't Stop Believin'- Journey. (over done already)

Penalty for singing: Live with Greg Delange for one week.

2) Hank Williams Jr.- Country Boy Can Survive (it's not a song, it's fast talking).

Penalty for singing: Consume a jar of pickled eggs and lock into a closet.

1) Anything by Jimi Hendrix (he was Jimi Hendrix, a legend. You are a wanna be off key singer, so don't even go there).

Penalty for singing: One week in a locked room listening to Donny and Marie records.

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