Chiawana lacrosse has been given a grant of $20,000 from the foundation of the legendary coach of the New England Patriots. How did this happen?

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Belichick is a long time lacrosse player and advocate.

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The Riverhawks lacrosse club was one of just seven out of 40 across the USA that received enough money to pay for new and safe gear for all players.

A $20,000 grant!

Lacrosse is not a WIAA sanctioned event, so calling the program Chiawana is only in-name as the club existed as Richland last year. Players come from Hanford, Pasco, Kiona-Benton, Richland and Chiawana. Many have not played lacrosse until this year and are thrilled to be able to use gear that they could not afford otherwise.

If you drove by Columbia Park on Highway 240 last weekend you saw scores of people and tens of marked off fields with plenty of lacrosse being contested at all age and skill levels. I had to pull off the highway and take a look. I was hooked.

The 5-time Super Bowl winning coach and lacrosse go way back. Belichick played lacrosse at Annapolis High School and Wesleyan University. His daughter, Amanda, played at Wesleyan and is the coach of the women's lacrosse team at Holy Cross.

Chiawana's coach didn't even know the grant existed until the season started. But after a detailed application process, including meeting numerous criteria, the club was awarded  helmets, shoulder pads, sticks, elbow guards, and gloves, enough to deck out 24 players, plus full goalie gear and practice pinnies for all.

The club has had the equipment since February but has kept it hush-hush until the announcement was formally made by the Bill Belichick Foundation.

The exciting prospect is growing the sport locally and that is greatly enhanced given the recruiting possibilities that accompany having the new gear.

The grant will be formally accepted from Belichick in-person Saturday in Boston.

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