If you're not using the GasBuddy app, it might be worth your time (since time is money, right?). It's one of several gas saver apps that help you locate the cheapest gasoline in your area. Granted, I'm not gonna drive clear across town to fill up for a few pennies per gallon less, but it's nice to know if you've got cheaper gas near you. And most of the 'experts' say that with gas prices currently on the rise in Washington State as well as nationwide, there is no end in sight for the moment.

As of today, Monday, 3/8/2021, the cheapest gas in Tri-Cities according to Gas Buddy is $2.79/gal at Sunrise Super Gas in Pasco at 508 N. 4ht Ave. Next is Quick Trip in Pasco at 221 S. 10th for $2.83/gal. Coming in 3rd is Speedway Express, 1811 Leslie in Richland at $2.83...Costco in Kennewick is also at that price, then Circle K at 1401 GWay in Richland for $2.85, with many others coming in at $2.85. You will see plenty of stations at $2.89 right now, and a friend told me they filled up in the Benton City area for $2.99.

To view Tri-Cities gas prices quickly without downloading the app on your phone, you can bookmark the GasBuddy local page HERE.

Other popular cheap gas apps include Gas Guru, WAZE (which directs you to the cheapest gas as you travel), DASH (which is a vehicle info app but also shows cheap gas), and even good ol' fashioned Map Quest will direct you to cheap gas. Actually, there's so such thing as 'cheap' gas and probably won't be for at least 4 years, so I think 'mildly less expensive' gas should be the norm from here on out. Good luck and travel safe.


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