Carrie Underwood talks with People magazine about how she handles the baby rumors.  She says her and hubby Mike Fisher want to wait a while before having kids.  She shares a few ways that she fools the paparazzi when it comes to the baby talk.

"I don't want people assuming that I am [pregnant] until I say that I am," the country crooner told PEOPLE on Thursday, while promoting her debut film Soul Surfer in L.A. "We just got married. We haven't been married a year yet. I would want to be married for a little while [before having kids]."

No stranger to paparazzi, Underwood says she has a foolproof way of being photographed without looking like she's sporting a baby bump.

"[I] choose my wardrobe differently because when I wear something a little baggier, I'm like, nope, people are going to think I'm hiding something, so I better not wear that," she explains. "So it does make me kind of think a little extra."

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