Tuesday afternoon, customers at the GESA Credit Union and the nearby casino on Huntington Street were 'treated' to a little brawl with police and a car prowler.

Shortly after 4pm, officers responded to the Ben Franklin Transit station at 15 North Huntington, for a report of a man who'd smashed out a vehicle window and was taking items from inside.

Upon arrival police found 51-year-old Gordon Bailey, the suspect, hiding in a bus behind a fenced off area at the station. He refused to comply, and ended up fleeing the bus, jumping over a fence and running.  He was pursued by officers who warned him he would be Tasered.  He was, and he fell to the ground.

But even then he refused to give up and follow commands, and began to verbally and physically resist. Several well applied disablement punches were used to subdue him (the kind people are taught in self-defense class, and also used to bring down just about any person) and he was finally cuffed and taken to jail.

He is facing a slew of charges. KPD has learned there is reportedly a video of the incident, but it has not been made public yet. No word on who filmed the event, or how much of it they recorded.

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