Hatton is a little unincorporated area in Adams County, about six miles northwest of Connell, just off Highway 395. Apparently some of the area's 101 residents (juveniles) decided to go car prowling.

Adams County Deputies report it's probably one of the weirdest hiding places they've ever seen. Shortly before 3am August 9th, last Friday, they were called to a report of a vehicle prowl and possible attempted theft. Three juvenile teen looking boys wearing masks were trying to break into several vehicles in town.

Deputies showed up and they ran. One was quickly caught in the foot chase, the other two split up. But officers saw the location where one of them ran to, and they were contacted inside their home. Turns out the other suspect was there too, his friend tried to hide him inside the dishwasher compartment.  Part of the dead giveaway was all the racks had been removed and were sitting on the floor nearby.

All three are now facing multiple counts related to the break ins, attempted burglary, false statements and more.


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