I don’t have a pet right now because I’m not home enough to properly take care of one but if I did, it would be a dog. I grew up with dogs at home in Seattle. For the most part medium to large sized dogs.

mischievous German Shepherd dog quite a mess in the kitchen

My sisters both have had dogs, Mary likes them small so they can sit in your lap, Jenny likes them large so they can cover your lap. 

Yorkshire Terrier Dog on the green grass
Attila Fodemesi

My favorite dog growing up was Pandora, an Old English sheep dog. Full of energy, loved to run, kind of goofy, and loved to play. Perfect for a kid. I remember Pandora chasing airplanes across the yard thinking the were birds. 

Ben Griffiths
Ben Griffiths

Pandora loved to go for car rides. Dad had a full-size dodge van and the dog would bounce around in the back of the van then get on the passenger seat with her head out the window, then bounce around in the back some more. 

Now here is the question, is it legal let your dog ride in the back of a pickup truck in the state of Washington? 

You’ve seen it, A pickup driving down the road with one, two, even three dogs in the back all having a great time but what is the law saying about it. 

Dog on black pick up truck back view

Here is what I found, 

The Revised Code of Washington says you could be criminally charged if you travel with your animal in an unsafe manner, which includes riding in the bed of a truck. dogs cannot be transported on the outside of a vehicle — such as the bed of a truck — without being harnessed or in an enclosure. 

Another Revised Code of Washington says if your animal is left in a vehicle with the potential of being harmed or killed by exposure to excessive heat or cold, you could face a class two civil infraction with a fine of $257. 

Red Squirrel Leaking Sap in Spring

Travel safe with your dog and remember to watch out for squirrels.  

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