If you are a trivia buff like me and have been following all the guest hosts on Jeopardy these last few months, you might've noticed a lack of questions about Tri-Cities Washington.

Jeopardy has featured many questions in the past on the show about the Tri-Cities but why not have some fun with trivia that just focuses on the Tri-Cities? That's what this quiz is all about.

We've compiled a quick 20 question Tri-Cities quiz to test your Tri-Cities aptitude. We've got easy ones and we've got a few questions that'll test your ability - take the quiz and let's see how you do!

Did we stump you or are you a Tri-Cities whiz? There are a few questions that might've stumped you on the quiz - Let us know how you did and let's see who got a clean sweep of the trivia questions.

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