A Pasco landfill has shown evidence of smoldering waste and groundwater contamination according to the Washington Department of Ecology.

The area stores 35,000 drums of solvent, paint sludges, and cleaners, and is showing signs of contamination from leaking drums according to news reports.

That is not the only problem because heat sensors are also showing evidence of a fire although the Department of Ecology says it is not an immediate danger. They drilled down where the sensors showed heat and found smoldering material.

When the Department of Ecology tested the groundwater under the affected zone, they found a 3-inch thick layer of petroleum hydrocarbons, solvents and polychlorinated biphenyls floating on the groundwater. They found no contamination on separate wells near the affected zone.

The Department of Ecology is coming up with a cleanup plan using public input and will be released for review to the public when completed.

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