Once again those dang Brits are causing more controversy in regards to the upcoming London Olympics.

For these games, Great Britain's cheerleading selection committee opted  to cut the traditional sexy and clearly physically fit cheerleaders to a more PG-Rated version.

The committee chose the conservative looking North London Wildcat cheer squad over the more popular Crystal Cheerleaders, whose cheeky and oh-so attractive booty shorts were apparently inappropriate for the family friendly audience. They are hoping to move away from the stereotypical look of girls running around in hot pants and the "boob-elicious" crop top, thinking that is what the public wanted.

I personally don't get the point! Why would us men want to gawk at cheerleaders who are dressed like a high school squad, rather than our versions of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders?

Even the twitter world sure proved the Brits wrong! This is just one of the many uproars spotted between Facebook and Twitter:

@PalaceStats: "#boycottlondon2012 #WeLiveInADemocracy #TeamGB #TheCrystals win both votes but Alesha Dixon overrules the two decisions. Scandalous."

The Crystal Cheerleads clearly had won over the public's heart and approval after their rendition of "Call Me Maybe". The fact that they were sporting some skimpy string bikin's probably gave them a little boost. Even though we won't be seeing these ladies in the Olympics, I'm sure loving the fact that I can re-watch this over and over again!