A woman cleverly roasted her now-husband during their wedding ceremony by blowing dust off her long-awaited wedding vows.

After dating for 15 years, Christie and Byron Jeffries finally tied the knot in October in a ceremony held in South Carolina.

When it came time to read their vows to each other, while at the altar Christie hilariously unfolded a piece of paper before blowing fake dust off the note. The wedding guests immediately burst into laughter, while Byron — after first appearing surprised — grinned at his patient bride.

The viral clip was shared on TikTok by the couple's wedding venue.

"Absolutely hilarious! Extremely witty + clever move by our bride, Christie, the other weekend during their ceremony vow exchange. As a tribute to being together almost 15 years, Christie decided to 'blow the dust' off of her ceremony vows in preparation for reading her vows to Byron! Byron’s Reaction = PRICELESS," the venue captioned the clip.

Watch below:

Users weighed in on the viral moment in the comment section.


"Just her way of telling him he should have married her 5 years ago without having to say anything," another commented.

Christie told South Carolina news outlet WYFF that she's surprised her joke has captured the hearts of millions.

"It's a little crazy to think that our intimate moment has now been seen by so many people," she shared.

"I think I went through a range of emotions. Within that video, like, 'Oh my God, what is that?' to 'Oh my God, I see what you did there,'" Byron told WYFF of his now-wife's prank.

The couple's wedding hashtag was "#AlwaysLateButWorthTheWait," a statement the groom ended his own vows with.

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