This is the worst air quality that I have ever experienced in my life, except for the St. Helens eruption back in 1980. At least with the ash from St Helens, you could breath with cheap paper masks, but those will not help you now. If you are suffering from the smoke and are having trouble breathing, here are a few tips to help.

  • 1

    Stay Inside When Possible

    Try to stay indoors and keep your windows and doors locked to keep your inside air as clean as possible. Running your AC will also help clean your inside air.

  • 2

    Dust Masks Do Not Work

    Paper masks that are used for dust do not work on the much smaller smoke particles. They do not help at all. Masks that help protect against smoke are very specific and usually expensive.

  • 3

    Minimize Inside Polution

    Burning a candle or a fireplace, vacuuming, or smoking inside can make the air inside even worse. Avoid activities that would increase the level of inside pollution.

  • 4

    Remember Your Pets

    Please remember that your pets can be harmed from the smoke pollution just like you. Keep your animals inside and away from the outside smoke.

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