Woman who drowned found in Yakima River near Wapato (Bureau of Land Management)
Woman who drowned found in Yakima River near Wapato (Bureau of Land Management)

The Yakima County Sheriff's office reports a woman who was swept away in the river has been found, but deceased.

   Woman slipped under the water near Wapato

According to the YSCO, the woman, whose identity has not yet been released, was swimming in the river near the Wapato area with her brother around 3PM on Wednesday the 24th.

The Sheriff's Department got a call from him that his sister was in the river and in distress, having trouble keeping above the water.

The man told officers she was not an experienced swimmer and had been drinking some alcohol.  The YCSO says another man in the area attempted to swim out and help the woman but ended up hurting himself in the process.

The second attempted rescuer had to be taken out by emergency workers due to his injuries.  Apparently, rescuers were not able to locate her before her body was found Thursday.

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The YCSO did not say where in the river her body was located. It is not known if she was wearing a life jacket.

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