According to the Rotten Tomatoes facebook page, Boba Fett is getting his own movie (A Star Wars Story) and it will be directed by Logan director James Mangold.

Not bad for a dude that mutters his few lines to the point you have to turn on the closed captioning to figure out what the hell he is saying. "He's no good to me dead"

And if this movie does NOT open with him getting out of the Sarlaacc pit he fell into at the beginning of "Return of the Jedi,"  I'm gonna blow my carbonite stack.

Best comment I've seen on the topic so far:

99% of the people commenting that this movie is going to be stupid and a terrible idea and is just a cash grab from Disney will be the same people that show up at the theaters and watch it.

I'd wager you'll be able to see it just about two years from now......


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