It's always an ordeal when traffic gets backed up on the Blue Bridge in Pasco/Kennewick. No one is ever in the mood. We're always in a hurry because we're always running behind.

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However, Friday of this last week, brought a tear to my eye when I saw exactly what had happened. You all do care about our furry four-legged friends! It seems there was an awfully scared cat on the bridge who needed to be rescued.

As a cat lover myself, it did my heart good to see this! Thank you for being such big-hearted cat lovers! I hope kitty will get the home that he deserves. No doubt, kitty & people will have a story to tell!

If you are interested in rescuing this kitty, you can contact the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter. The bottom line is that this cat needs a home. If you can help, please call 509-545-3740

Credit: Trooper Chris Thorson
Credit: Trooper Chris Thorson

Thank you Tri-City Drivers for being so patient!

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