Every time there's some sort of emergency or major accident where the Red Cross is talking about needing blood, my wife and I always say that we've got to start giving on a regular basis...and never do. That's about to change for us and I hope you join us in making the commitment to donate.

The folks at Benton REA are sponsoring a couple of blood drives to our area. July 13th in Prosser, and July 29th in West Richland. Both drives will be held from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Prosser's blood drive will be held in the Holiday Inn Express & Suites at 680 Wine Country Road. West Richland's blood drive will be at the City of West Richland Council Chambers at 3100 Belmont Boulevard. You can schedule your donation by calling 509-781-6053, or visit RedCrossBlood.org and use the code BREA.

Waiting for an emergency or major accident doesn't do any good, since someone needs blood somewhere, every day.

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