I've been out at the Horn Rapids Motorsport Complex nearly all week building the Black Widow Mud & Sun Run course. It's going to be awesome! We've got over a dozen challenges spread out over 5 miles of dirt, sand and mud. We've made it so you cannot complete this course without being filthy! Check out three more of the obstacles I built yesterday!

The course comes along the back of this hill and then you'll slide down a tarp into the mud.

Paul Drake

This is the "Claustrophobic Squeeze" we borrowed from our haunted house. It's not for the faint of heart.

What obstacle course is complete without a 12-foot wall?

Paul Drake

This climbing web will bring out the pirate in you -- if the Black Widow doesn't get you first!

Online registration ends today at 5 p.m. but you can still sign up at the start of the course this evening and tomorrow morning.

The race is made possible by Tire Factory, Tri-Cities Community Health, Maverik, the U.S. Army, Sportsman's Warehouse, IGT Landscaping and Excavation, Parr Lumber, C & E Trenching, Power City Electric.