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According to the dictionary a “boob” is defined as:


1. a stupid person; fool; dunce.

2. British . a blunder; mistake.

Today marks the second post in a series of posts where I name my choice for the “biggest boobs” of the week.

Drum-roll please …

John Travolta has now had seven men come forward making claims against him for inappropriate behavior including but not limited to groping. Two lawsuits were recently dismissed but rumor has it that Travolta's attorney is now quietly negotiating a settlement with one accuser who threatened to file a civil suit.

Kathie Lee Gifford was interviewing Martin Short on "Today" earlier this week and made several comments about Martin Short's happy marriage and lovely wife. During commercial break Martin let Kathie Lee know that his wife passed away 2 years ago from cancer. OOPS! Kathie Lee, however unintentional your mistake was you still win an award for that blunder!

Stay updated with my blogging, and find out who my next picks will be for "biggest boobs" of the week.