While scrolling through Facebook this morning, I found something that made me chuckle. While I understand that discussing politics is very divisive, I just have to share this!

On the Facebook group Tri-Cities Bad Driver Shaming, somebody posted a picture similar to the one above. These Joe Biden I DID THAT stickers are now showing up all over the Tri-Cities it turns out. And not just on gas pumps, one person said in the comments that there was one on the refrigerated section in the Kennewick Costco above where the bacon and hot dogs are.

Lots of people started sharing pictures of the stickers they have seen recently too. Naturally, there are plenty of people who don't find the humor in this and they are ripping the stickers off.

Is this illegal? Is it tampering with public or private property? I did a quick search on Amazon to see if these were some crazy novelty stickers that are not available everywhere or a popular item that I'm just now finding out about.

It turns out Amazon has a ton of sellers offering these stickers right now. Did I buy some? I'll never tell


When you buy anything from Amazon, it's important to make sure it SHIPS FROM AMAZON. In the product description, it will say SOLD BY COMPANY NAME, SHIPS FROM AMAZON. That's good, because then Amazon backs the product and returns and refunds are super easy.

If the product description says SOLD BY COMPANY NAME, SHIPS FROM COMPANY NAME, that's bad. That means it is a third-party seller that is advertising on Amazon, but doesn't provide Amazon Customer Service (although Amazon Customer Service will attempt to get your refund or return handled for you).

I've found that for a frustration-free experience, just make sure your purchase is SHIPPED FROM AMAZON.

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