The turkey has been carved. The stuffing has been stuffed in to Tupperware containers. Black Friday has been conquered. And now you're sitting on the couch in a post-Thanksgiving haze wondering what to do with your life. I have you covered. DO NOTHING, but watch these fantastic Christmas movies! That's right! It's officially Christmas season, and no one can shame you for being all holiday happy! Here is a list of excellent films to get your Christmas season started right. Hey, if you celebrate Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, you'll love these movies too! So bust out a plate of left overs, cuddle on the couch and BINGE! Happy holidays everyone!


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    Nightmare Before Christmas

    This is the perfect transition from fall to winter. You got your Halloween mixed with Christmas joy! Plus, it's freaking amazing! Gather the whole family for this one!

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    Home Alone

    Remember when Macaulay Culkin was super adorable and cute and got left behind while his family went on vacation? Yup, me too! This is a sweet film for the whole crew.

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    Santa!! I KNOW HIM!!!


    enough said.

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    A lot of people forget that Gremlins is set at Christmas time! It's so good! Now remember the rules, don't feed them after midnight, and NO WATER!!

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    The Wizard of OZ

    Okay, not a Christmas movie, but for some reason it feels good to watch this movie this time of year. Plus, it's a great way to ease in to the holiday season if you need to put a toe in at a time.

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    Bill Murray as Scrooge is the absolute best! This is one of the best re-tellings of the classic "A Christmas Carol." If you haven't seen it, trust me on this, you will LOVE it!

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    White Christmas

    A classic for a reason. If you love old movie musicals, this will be your cup of tea. If not, watch it anyway, it's amazing! Come on, fantastic costumes, amazing choreography, romance, Christmas, and Bing Crosby!? You can't go wrong!!

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    Yes, this is a Christmas movie, and my absolute FAVE! Not for the whole family (there's a wee bit of violence and language), but it's Bruce Willis at his finest. Yes, kids, that is Professor Snape as the villain. (RIP Alan Rickman). This has become a tradition of mine and I hope it will be a holiday tradition for your family too!

    Now I have a machine gun. HO-HO-HO!

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