Are you like me and find yourself occasionally craving a juicy hamburger but get outvoted and find yourself at a Mexican or Chinese restaurant? If you're like me, you order a burger anyway, because that's what you want! Well, a recent survey revealed some people's favorite places for burgers that are not famous for burgers.

  • Frost Me Sweet

    Yeah, it's a cupcake shop, but did you know they have excellent lunches and dinners? In fact, it's quickly developing a bigger reputation for its meals than its desserts.

  • El Fat Cat Grill

    Famous for tacos, burritos and tortas, but they make a mean burger!

  • The Spudnut Shop

    Famous for doughnuts, right? But some people have never had a doughnut there... they just go for the burgers and sandwiches!

  • Horn Rapids Golf Course

  • Desert Food Mart/Cougar Cafe

    Near Benton City. Try the onion rings, too.

  • Pasco Bowling Alley

    Order "The Worst"

  • Celebrity Bowl in Kennewick

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