It's always interesting when Tri-Cities makes national headlines and even more interesting when Tri-Cities becomes infamous with another crazy video!

This time Tri-Cities is being featured on A&E's "Court Cam" show. The Benton County Jail is the centerpiece for a video being featured on A&E's Top 5 Greatest Escapes.

The escape happened in 2015 as Gerald Hyde II escaped from the Benton County Jail after being booked into custody for methamphetamine. He's featured at the start of the video as he slips out of the line-up and sneaks out of the Benton County Courthouse.

He cleverly puts his DOC shirt over his handcuffs, hiding the cuffs, and then sneaks out of the courthouse.

The video went viral and has been featured all over the world and even made the Daily Mail.UK website.

Gerald Hyde II was later apprehended at a friend's house several hours later but his escape has now become infamous and shown over and over again.

A lot of changes have been made to the courthouse and this classic escape wouldn't be possible today at the Benton County Jail.

I'm sure this video of Hyde escaping facilitated those changes in procedure.

You can check out more videos from A&E's "Court Cam" show here.

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