Well, I suppose it was inevitable. If you're going to name a street Karen Avenue, then this was bound to happen!

Benton County Sheriff's Deputies responded to Karen Avenue in Benton City this past weekend to find this vehicle not only landed where it did but hit several other cars on the way.

This weekend Deputies responded to the 1300 block of Karen Avenue in Benton City for a one-vehicle accident. The driver...

Posted by Benton County, WA Sheriff's Office - Sheriff Jerry Hatcher on Monday, January 11, 2021

Sorry if your name is Karen. Most of the Karens we've talked to laugh about all the Karen memes and videos. We've only had one Karen go totally 'Karen' on us because we talked about Karens that were going viral, and she just proved to us that some Karens are real Karens! So how did the Karen thing get rolling, anyway? I always thought it was from the meme that had a real live cougar staring through the sliding glass door with the caption, "Where's your spray bottle now, Karen?"  But I think it's more from videos of women going nuts, totally nuts, in parking lots or inside a store.


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