Highlands MS 'bans' cellphones (KSD)
Highlands MS 'bans' cellphones (KSD)









Various area school districts have different cellphone policies, although most contain the two following requirements:

*No cellphone use during class

*Phones must be put away in backpacks during class.

But now, one KSD Middle School has pretty much shut down cellphone use anytime during school. Period.

  Highlands Middle School 'bans' cellphones completely in class and elsewhere

Robyn Chastain, KSD Communications and PR Director, offered this clarification on the general policy:

"Generally, cell phones are not permitted to be used during class and learning time at schools. Each school sets their own policy around when and how cell phones may be used at the schools. The policy is included in the school’s student handbook."

Schools are allowed, she said, to modify the policy if necessary.

However it appears due to misuse and issues, Highlands has made some dramatic changes. They include (by way of Principal Dave Elkins Tuesday March 29):

"Because of an increase in inappropriate cell phone activities, beginning on April 11, Highlands will not allow cell phones to be used during the school day. Students are expected to keep their phones in their backpacks and only use them before or after school. They cannot have them out during the school day without permission from an administrator. This includes in the classroom and during lunch."

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IF a student violates the policy, the phone will be taken to the office, and more:

·               "  If an electronic device is being used inappropriately by a student at any time, the student will receive a step 4. Inappropriate uses include, but are not limited to:  

o      " Taking photos, video or audio footage of a student or staff member without their permission. 

o       Creating posts that are harassing or bullying other students on any social media platform. 

o       Sending inappropriate texts (open to interruption by the principal or designee). 

o       Taking video of or sharing videos of fights (includes to and from school). 

o       Looking up or viewing inappropriate pictures/materials on the internet. "

  The email also says the school is not responsible for lost or stolen as a result of abusing these new policies. By the way, Step 4 is a temporary suspension followed by a Parent-Teacher conference. 

   Highlands has seen some recent issues involving fights being instigated and then recorded by students, and other social media 'dares' that have caused a few safety issues.

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