Day 3 of daylight savings and my family and I are still dragging in the morning. I honestly feel like I spent a week on the east coast and have really bad jet lag.

Is it just me, or is a daylight savings hangover a real thing?

Turns out, it is real!

Losing one hour of sleep like we do during daylight savings time, does not just make you tired but can affect multiple factors of your health.

It can affect your appetite, mood, memory, some motor skills, and can even affect your heart in some cases.

There is even some data that shows workplace injuries and car crashes go up slightly on the Monday after daylight savings.

There is also a study that points to the link between the lack of sleep during daylight savings and a specific kind of stoke.

"Previous studies have shown that disruptions in a person's circadian rhythm, also called an internal body clock, increase the risk of ischemic stroke, so we wanted to find out if daylight saving time was putting people at risk," says study author Dr. Jori Ruuskanen.

One study from 2014 in a journal called Open Heart has also shown a link between daylight savings time and a kind of short term heart attack. is REAL! You are not CRAZY! Now go get some rest!

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