Another storm will move across Washington and Oregon tonight and continue to drop snow (sometimes heavy) through Wednesday evening. Travelers and residents can expect low elevation rain and 6 to 12 inches of mountain snow. Highest snow accumulations will be over the Cascade, Blues mountains and Wallowas. Snow levels will hover around 2500 feet to 4500 feet.

At 3:00 p.m. today (Tuesday), it was snowing on Snoqualmie pass, snow and slush on the roadway, traction tires advised and oversize vehicle restrictions in both directions. Travelers can expect conditions to worsen tonight and throughout the day Wednesday. You can monitor pass conditions and reference cameras through the Washington State Department of Transportation site.

When  you're on the road you can access road and pass information by dialing 5-1-1 from your mobile device. Remember to check your spare, carry chains, gloves, a flashlight, winter jacket, hat and other safety equipment. A few years ago my wife and I got caught in a bad storm on Snoqualmie - we had chains in the trunk but nothing else. It took me nearly 45-minutes to get the chains on correctly in the dark without gloves, a winter jacket or a hat. My hands were frozen solid and I was soaked.The chains got us over the pass and then I had to get back outside and take the chains off - double the cold and a headache. We're always prepared now or we just take my truck. Safe travels!

The weekend forecast for the passes looks better with sunshine on Saturday and a chance of snow or rain on Sunday.

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