Earlier this week, Yahoo! released the results of a survey, which named "Gilligan's Island" the best TV theme song of all time.

Well, now "TV Guide" has put out its own list . . . and "Gilligan's Island" didn't crack the Top 10.  Instead, they gave "Cheers" the top honors.  ("Cheers" was #2 on the Yahoo! list.)

Here are "TV Guide's" Top 10:

1.  "Cheers"

2.  "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"


3.  "Hawaii Five-O" . . . This is the ORIGINAL one, not the re-recorded version from the show that's on now.


4.  "M*A*S*H"


5.  "Friends"


6.  "The Beverly Hillbillies"


7.  "Route 66"


8.  "The Jeffersons"


9.  "Sesame Street"


10.  "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

"TV Guide's" list includes 60 TV themes . . . but only the Top 10 are ranked.  "Gilligan's Island" did make the Top 60.  (You can find the complete list at TVGuide.com)