Oh, Clover Island Inn...why did you go and do that...I have something to say about that.

In a recent news article from our sister radio station KFLD, it's been reported that Clover Island Inn is set to be sold and to be converted into micro-apartments

Kennewick's Clover Island Inn Might Be Up For Sale

Oregon-based Fortify Holdings has already purchased several other area hotels and motels and has started the process of converting those properties into micro-apartments as well.

Fortify has been scooping up mainly rundown hospitality properties around Tri-Cities but I think the purchase of Clover Island Inn will be a prime piece of real estate property for them.

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I for one know that progress is enviable but I think sadly the loss of the Clover Island Inn will be a sad day in Tri-Cities history.

google maps - street view
google maps - street view

Let me explain, I'm a fan of Clover Island Inn. My wife and I have enjoyed several anniversaries at the Inn because it has that great river view and it's a great place for a stay-cation right here in the Tri-Cities.

Clover Island Inn Offers Amazing Views Of The Columbia River

The Clover Island Inn's brunch breakfast is hard to beat and the Crow's Nest restaurant features yummy eats.

Clover Island Inn was also responsible for many summertime concerts that included Sugar Ray and Night Ranger on the small island. It was a great place to stay, eat and enjoy live entertainment.

The new owners are saying that they'll bring new business to the island but I for one will miss staying on the island. The Clover Island Inn has its own quirky charm and I don't that can be easily replicated. I think the best thing about the Clover Island Inn was the fact that it was inclusive and offered 360 degrees of entertainment, food, and lodging.

Rik Mikals

The sale isn't official yet but word is that March 1st is the deadline on the sale and we'll all find out the fate of the Clover Island Inn on that date. We'll all know by March 31st on the new direction of the property.

What's Going To Take The Place Of The Clover Island Inn?

I know I can't stop the big wheels of progress but if Clover Island Inn goes away, it'll make me sad.

It doesn't mean I won't try and eat at the new restaurant if that comes to pass but the chances that I'll go to the island will be less and less because the Inn will be gone.

Clover Island 1942 (Permission port of kennewick)
Clover Island 1942 (Permission port of kennewick)

I do have to say that manager Mark Blotz and crew have done a great job keeping the Clover Island Inn a fun place to visit and stay.

If The Hotel Sells, Thanks For The Memories Clover Island Inn

I'm not sure what the future holds for the Clover Island Inn but if this is one chance to say goodbye, I'm taking it.

Thank you, staff, of Clover Island Inn, I appreciate the hard work that you put into the property since 2001 and I hope that things will work out in the future.

If Clover Island Inn closes, just know that you've got a friend in me and I will you miss you.

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