We've seen tiny homes and container homes but here's one of the neatest homes in Oregon that'll you'll ever see.

It's a converted Boeing 727 and yes someone lives in it.

Have You Checked Out The Airplane Home In Oregon?

Can you imagine living in an airplane home?

A Boeing 727 jet sets in the hills of Hillsboro Oregon and it's got a lot of people taking a double-look at this unique home.

Who Owns The Airplane Home In Oregon?

Bruce Campbell is the man behind the plane that's hidden in the hills of Oregon.

Campbell lives in the plane six months out of the year and takes us on a tour below of this pretty amazing home.

Another young couple visited the home and spotlighted it on their Youtube channel.

The plane sits on 10 acres that Campbell bought for $23.000 back in the late 1990s.

How Much Did The Airplane Home Cost In Oregon?

The plane will set you back a few more bucks, he bought the plane for $100,000 and has put another $100,000 into it over the years.

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The accommodations are modest with a makeshift shower and Campbell himself sleeps on a futon.

Campbell hopes to restore some of its original working functions like the stairs and working lavatory.

Campell states that he wants to buy another plane and move it to Japan, spending six months a year there and six months a year in the US.

How Do You Get A Tour Of The Airplane Home In Oregon?

The airplane has a pseudo-celebrity status itself as it's been featured in many different articles over the years and makes the "must-see" travel lists. The Airplane Home even has its own website that you can check out here.

Tiny Homes are the rage but why not really wow your friends by getting your own Airplane Home?

It's got the wow factor no doubt! 

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