The new covid variant has been labeled BA.2. Really? BA? Like when you say, "That dude is a total BA? Really? The Bad-Ass Variant? Nah, it probably stands for something scientific. But I'll stick with the Bad-Ass Variant.

So was there ever a BA.1? Why yes, yes there was.

The Omicron variant is actually BA.1. So this variant is a variant of the variant. Following along?

We started out with covid-19. Then came the Delta variant. Then came Omicron but it was never referred to as BA.1. Now we have BA.2, as Omicron itself has made a few changes to its original form.

There have been just two confirmed cases of the BA.2 variant in Washington State, but it has already been detected in 40 other countries, so here we go again.

At this point, they do not know if BA.2 will be a little worse or a little milder than Omicron. I have a feeling we are just going to have to get used to this nerve-wracking covid thing until they figure out how to eradicate it.


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